Innovation Cell

Bhopal Institute of Technology & Managment is thus envisaged to network people, ideas, experience and resources to motivate the innovation community in the college. This cell helps to nurture the students’ ideas and encourage them to bring up business proposals. The Innovation Cell may facilitate even in getting funds for the project. Learning is a continuous process and there are always possibilities for improvement in the existing system around us. Using the facilities of workshops, laboratories, library including digital library facility, internet and intranet facilities and research facilities available in the institute, innovative ideas could be translated into reality or existing systems could be improved upon. The main aim of this Cell is, thus, to create intuition in terms of creative design ideas in various fields of engineering in an aesthetic approach. Innovation Cell will assist students and also encourage young talented minds by providing them a perfect platform for showcasing their talents, working together as teams and participate in various competitions. It will also serve to provide the students a platform to excel in their specialized area of interest.

Objective of Innovation Cell:

To motivate students to bring out their hidden talents in various disciplines of Engineering.